Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I admit it. I'm a HORRIBLE blogger! Yes, I've been avoiding my blog, deliberately not posting updates - because I have been feeling a little overwhelmed by life in general, and an unhealthy desire to blog regularly. I totally admire the people who blog daily, or even several times a week, and I feel like I can't measure up to them, so I may as well not even bother.

Totally defeating the purpose of creating this blog in the first place, right??? LOL! I apologize again for being a total flake, and promise you that, while I may not post as frequently as I want or feel I should, I think about my friends here quite often, and when I'm not posting, I am living life as fully as I can!

I don't even know what all has gone on since the last time I posted, but I do know that I have been spending crazy amounts of time holding and snuggling this divine baby boy of mine :o) He is so sweet and yummy, and smells just delightful! I adore him, and love knowing that I hold him "more than I should". It's SO worth the sleep that I miss out on, and I know that if I don't hold him now, there will never be a time when I can go back and catch up ;o) Adron seems very serious about not having any more babies, and it's totally breaking my heart. I can't change it, so I'm going to squeeze every possible drop of preciousness out of my time with Jonah.

So, the girls are all settled in school. We got the 1st report cards today, and overall, I am fairly pleased with how they are doing. There are definitely some areas we need to work on, but that's life, right? I've gotten my new machines, and am LOVING them! I had no idea how nice it was to sew with premium machines lol! The mastery classes are awesome, and I'm learning so much! I've not done a ton of sewing, but what little bit I have has been delightful =)

I am keeping my sweet niece, Amelia, 3 days a week, and it's phenomenal. Jonah is a dream baby, and Amelia is even easier than he is. Jonah absolutely adores her, and it's really funny to watch him with her! I swear they are twins separated *before* birth lol!

Here are a few pictures that I love - they are mostly the past week, but a few are a little older: