Monday, February 23, 2009

It's harder than I thought, in some ways...

...but easier in other ways. Going through all the damaged stuff is pretty intense. I have the most amazing crew of 4 people helping me today, and I am STILL overwhelmed. They are all so wonderful to deal with, and are incredibly hard working and efficient, which is a total Godsend. Dragging this part of the process out would just drive me out of my mind!

I am truly not *terribly* attached to "things", but there are certainly some "things" that mean a good bit to me, and I don't want to have to let them go. My vintage sewing notions collection is nice, but I'm okay with not having it. My fabric, while wet, appears to be able to be saved, which is GREAT! But, other things are hurting my feelings... I have a beautiful porcelain doll that was made by an incredibly special lady in our smocking guild. Poor doll isn't burned, but she's covered with soot. I have no idea if she can be cleaned, but I would assume that it's not outside the realm of possibility. However, seeing that exquisite little face, delicate smocked dress, and soft fluffy hair all covered in black nearly made me cry. But the worst, so far, is that the one and only professional picture we have of Max is burnt to the point of no return. I have a wallet sized copy of that picture, but that was the only big one. Nearly in tears, again. Adding to that, the baby book that I started for Max is soaked, but they said it may be able to be cleaned. There are random other things that are striking a chord with me, but all in all, it's going to be just fine.

I suppose that I'm allowed to mourn the loss of these things, even though I realize that they, in the greater scheme of things, are truly insignificant. It's a struggle to be able to rationalize and accept while grieving slightly. I almost feel insulted by these feelings of loss, as I KNOW how wonderfully minor the fire was. I feel guilty, as if I'm not grateful for what I have, even though I know that isn't the case at all! Dang human emotions LOL!

Ah well, losses aside, I get a brand new sewing room, with fresh flooring, a pretty new coat of paint, new light fixture, and I can replace the desks with whatever I would like. And since I had already planned out what I wanted, it's that much easier! Not only that, but all the stuff that was previously thrown about the room will be returned to me, neatly packed in boxes. That thought alone makes me want to cry LOL! I am so thrilled that this nasty little rain cloud has such a huge silver lining ;o) Add to that the forced reduction in *stuff*, and my life is vastly improved by this inconvenient mishap. Of course, they told me today that my sewing machines were probably beyond saving, as they have been thoroughly doused with water. Hmmmmmm.... I like my machines just fine, but it's not going to kill me to be able to replace them. I'd been thinking along those lines for a while, wondering how much I would have to sew and sell to be able to afford to get what I wanted. Now, I suppose there is always the possibility that they will somehow manage to repair them, but that won't hurt my feelings, either. I KNOW how my machines work, and what they can and can't do, and not having to learn a new machine is nice in it's own way. Did I mention that I lost my embroidery machine software and card writer? Yet again, all replaceable :o)

Anyone know how to value an old computer and a desk that was a family heirloom????

I have taken some pictures, but am too tired to post them right now - and I'm betting my new friends will be back inside in a minute, ready for me to help them do their jobs lol!

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Anne R said...

I hope the IMPORTANT stuff is salvageable - as you say, the rest is just stuff and can be replaced! Even so, it's OK to grieve a little, I think.

In Sweden you basically don't get anything for computers older than 3 years, but family heirlooms (eg. desk) are priced both with the antique value and the memories...