Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Missing my friends :o)

Summer is crazy, it seems! I thought May was my busy month, but August was so nuts that I only managed to scrap one page!!! I keep meaning to post, and I've thought about it nearly every day, but something has always come up to prevent me from getting here. In fact, I went 3 whole weeks without visiting anyone else's blogs, too!!!

I'm hoping that I can get into a nice routine with my life, including keeping the house neat, sewing regularly, and blogging at least a couple times a week. ;o) If I don't do it, feel free to yell at me lol!

Right now, I'm finally getting used to having just the boys home during the day. I miss the girls like crazy, but I'm enjoying my time with the guys. Ellie started kindergarten, and Madeline started middle school this year. Audrey is now a high schooler, and is doing marching band. That means practice 3-4 times a week, with performances almost every Friday. Then, she and Ellie started cheering again last week. I am a little irked by Audrey's practice being moved from Monday to Wednesday, as Wednesday is the ONLY night I do something for *me*. I guess that isn't so important, really, but I'm struggling to be okay with it. I am incredibly angry about having to give up my study group, but I suppose it's part of being a mom. Add to that the fact that she hates me right now, and I'm just not a happy mama! Now my adult contact is pretty much limited to Sunday morning at church, and online... Sighhhhhh.... I dunno what to do about my attitude.

But, on the bright side, I was able to go buy myself some awesome new sewing stuff! Yesterday, I bought a brand new Bernina Aurora 430 sewing machine and embroidery arm, and a Bernina 1150MDA serger (at least I think that's the model# - the Bernina website isn't loading for me!). I also got a ruffler attachment, an extra bobbin case to use for elastic thread, and a few other little accessories. I am so excited!!! Of course, I have to wait until next week for them to be ready for pickup lol!

I also started building my sewing area =) I got several cabinets to use for my sewing table and for my cutting table. I still have to get tops for them, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I realized that the cabinets are going to be about 9" too short for my cutting table, so I may have to reprise the plans. I am also planning to buy an armoire-type cabinet to store my fabric. I am going with all white furniture, and am playing with ideas for decorating now lol! I am heavily leaning towards using Lila Tueller's Soiree line. I was thinking about using aqua with pink and maybe some yellow accents, and I think these are just perfect! There are just so many gorgeous fabrics out there, and it was so hard to narrow it down lol!

In order to create my sewing space, I had to go up to that insanely hot room and start digging through all the boxes that came back full of clothes and fabrics that had been cleaned to remove the smoke smell/soot. I got through the clothes pretty quickly, but there are just so many of them! I can't remember who blogged it, but I read the other day (in regards to stash reduction) that if you wouldn't buy it today, then you should just get rid of it. So, I'm trying to apply that same principle to the massive piles of kiddo clothing ;o) I have actually gone through all of the boxes of fabric, too, and started by sorting them into basic categories: diaper fabrics/pieces, woven solids, woven prints, woven checks/stripes & corduroy, specialty fabrics, fabrics with pile, knits, and scraps. Of course, there are more knits than anything else lol! That presents it's own problems with storage, but I think I can figure it out... Now I have to go through all the other boxes of non-fabric contents. Exciting, huh? And, for now, I'm not at all sure where I'm going to put things until I get storage areas set up. Of course, I can't set those up until the boxes are out of the way, so it's a vicious cycle lol!

I also found out that they decided to refinish my family furniture pieces!!! I am absolutely ecstatic about that - and can't wait to get them back!


Let it Shine said...

Hopping around blog land, and your blog title caught my eye, it's awesome! I am a fabric hoarder myself :)


creative.chaos said...

Thanks for the comment and the insight hon. I never thought of a kidney infection. All I know is the doctor pissed me off royally because he didn't even TOUCH Ryder! He stood across the room and interviewed me about Ryder's behavior and symptoms and then said "I don't know why he'd have a fever. Let's get a urine sample." When he came back into the room he said it was a POSSIBLE UTI, but he was going to give me an RX for antibiotics. The antibiotics are 10ml 2x a day. That seems like overkill for a POSSIBLE UTI if you ask me! I really hope I never have to deal with that doctor again, I was not impressed at all.

(Sorry for ranting on your blog hon! *hugs* Hey, do you have MSN or YIM?)

Anonymous said...

Blog hoppin' and came across your adorable blog! Hope you're having a great day.
pk @ Room Remix