Thursday, November 19, 2009

Grateful! (Warning: Photo Obese)

So another month has gone by - and life is good! There are SO many things right now that make my heart happy!!! Amelia is getting so vocal, and Jonah loves her as much as ever! It makes me feel good to know that somebody else's baby loves me as much as Amelia does. My kids kinda have to love me, right? But she doesn't, and that makes it super special! I have succeeded in spoiling Jonah to the point where he won't sleep unless I'm holding him :o) Is it wrong to love that so much? I love that Noah is such a sweet big boy, and so desperately wants to help me out and make me happy! Ellie is learning to read, and it's blowing me away! I don't remember the big girls going though this age - but maybe it's because I was working when they were in kindergarten? Or because I hadn't had and lost Max yet, so I didn't appreciate them like I should. Madeline is my little song bird. She's in the choir at church, and was thrilled to be able to chose choir as her art elective this year. In fact, they performed tonight, and it was amazing! Audrey is the tough one. She's so gorgeous, smart, funny, and talented, but SUCH a teenager. We are very much alike, and butt heads regularly. That, for some funny reason, makes my heart sing, too. Not the fighting in and of itself, but the knowledge that I have a fabulous daughter who is growing into a strong woman!

Adron and I seem to be doing really well lol! For as crazy as he makes me, there is something completely breathtaking about knowing that he loves me so much! I can't imagine how anyone could love me so much, especially with all my multitude of flaws. I know I must make him even crazier than he makes me, poor guy!

I've been doing a lot of hugging babies, and not much of anything else. I've done a little sewing, a little scrapping, a little cooking, but not so much house cleaning. I've got a stack of sewing projects that need my attention, but I was able to put them off by trying quilting! Shocker, I know!!! I can not believe I am actually making a quilt!!!!

Here are a few pics of our life - I don't want to write a book tonight lol!

Skirt made using this tutorial, flowers with this one - birthday gift for a sweet friend of ours:

Tailgaiting before the Tigers' last home game - couldn't have been a prettier day! 70 degrees in the middle of November? Woohoo!

Noah has learned how to put his shoes on, but I still need to tie them ;o)

My sweet baby boy

And Halloween - totally forgot about these!

Here's Madeline, the dead bride:

And Ellie as Rosetta from the Tinkerbell movie:

Noah as Spiderman, his hero :o)

And here's all of them, plus my baby sister and David, a dear friend of ours:

Jonah was a vampire, but the pics are awful, so I'll dress him up tomorrow if he's feeling up to it lol!


Anne R said...

Great pics! I can't believe Noah's able to sit now - he's growing up so fast I can almost see his tailwind...

We don't have the problem with tying shoelaces here, we've completely and whole-heartedly embraced elastics and velcro closings here ;) said...

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