Wednesday, November 12, 2008

As promised :o)

Here is the outfit I made for Darby - I know her mommy said *she* liked it, but I'm hoping that Darby does, too... The fur cuffs were a total PITA! But not so bad that I wouldn't make 'em again lol!

I finally finished up Noah's monogrammed jonjon, too! I didn't have a chance to make the shirt to go underneath it, so I just used a polo shirt. Not sure I'm liking it, but I'd rather him wear it that for it to sit in the sewing room waiting on a shirt until he outgrows it. I suppose that is the problem with monogrammed clothing, huh! LOL! I don't know why I don't do more monogrammed things - not like jonjons and jumpers are hard to make, or take much fabric. I suppose I like to pass things down, and I can't if it has a name/monogram on it. Then I wonder why I care? Ah well, we all have our quirks ;o) Please ignore the bedhead - I always have the girls brush his hair in the car on the way to church, plus it was really windy Sunday! It was really cute - we were about to leave and I told Noah that he looked very handsome, and he ran to the door, squealing "Pictures! Pictures!" ROFLOL! Boy, does he know me well!

I am soooooooooooo craving Mexican food! Particularly enchiladas from Jaliscos, a local taqueria with the most amazing food, and the family that owns it is wonderful! Vanessa, the manager, is so incredibly friendly and funny, and her mother owns it. They have an all you can eat menu where they cook everything to order. It is so delicious! The babies and I went yesterday, and I had a beef taco, a chicken taquito, and 3 beef enchiladas. YUM!!!! That gravy they make is totally TDF!!! I sat there and thought about it all afternoon yesterday, and woke up thinking about it today. I'm not sure that's a good thing lol! I'm thinking it's time to make up a big pot of jambalaya and see if Vanessa *really* wants to swap food =D I mean, she said she likes Cajun and would be willing to trade. I wonder how many enchiladas (or how much of the gravy lol!) I could get for a pot of jambalaya...


Anne R said...

Noah looks darling - but I'm very happy you don't live here, he would've frozen to death on his way to church ;) It's about 34F here now... Time for the overalls!

Heavenlyscraps said...

I just admire your creations, gorgeous! Noah is so adorable!