Monday, December 1, 2008

I must really enjoy that burning sensation.

We went to Angela's parents' house to celebrate Thanksgiving Wednesday night, then to Adrons parents' on Thursday. I had fully intended to cook a huge turkey dinner here on Friday, but it seems that it was not meant to be. First, my sister, Rebekah, had to cancel, which meant that she and my 2 youngest brothers weren't going to be able to make it. So I put off cooking the pumpkin pies. No biggie, I just thought I might skip that part and do the rest Friday morning. Well, I woke up Friday feeling quite ill. I decided to postpone the turkey dinner until Sunday so I could get some rest. By the time the girls were getting ready for the parade, I knew I was sick and couldn't make it. Thankfully, Adron took them, so I could stay home and puke. Fun stuff, huh?

I was feeling enough better on Saturday that I went ahead and went to the last Tiger football game of the year. Ugh. I felt so weak, but it was manageable as long as I was sitting down. Sunday, I woke up feeling much better, but still a bit weak, and I prepped the turkey for roasting. I headed out to church and gave Adron instructions for putting it in, and I would handle the rest when I got home. All went really well, and I put the rest of dinner together while it was cooking. I made homemade mashed potatoes, dressing, sweet potato casserole (with a YUMMY praline topping instead of the marshmallows!), gravy, and warmed some brown and serve rolls. Holy cow, that was the best darn turkey I have EVER made! I used Sandra Lee's garlic & herb butter turkey recipe from the Food Network site, and that was the moistest turkey I've ever eaten!

However, in the process of making dinner, I managed to burn myself 4 times - in 4 *different* ways! Ouch! First, I splashed a little boiling water all over both hands when I was working on the potatoes. Next, I brushed the back of my hand up against the heavy-duty aluminum foil that was covering the top of the turkey to keep it from over-browning. Yeah, I learned that unlike regular foil that doesn't hold heat worth ANYTHING, the heavy duty stuff hangs onto that heat and is more than happy to share lol! After that, I (for some unknown reason) left the thermometer *in* the turkey when I checked it for the last time, and let it cook for another 30 minutes. Lemme tell you - that was HOT when I tried to pull it out! Blisters on 3 fingertips right then and there. After that, I was putting the rolls in the oven, and pushed the side of my right index finger right against the oven rack, thinking it was the edge of the cookie sheet. I feel like a complete genius right now, but at least I came up with a variety of ways to abuse myself ROFLOL!

I've not really been feeling like myself for several days now, and all that unusual clumsiness in the kitchen makes me think that I may be having a harder time recovering from that stomach bug than I had thought. I'm drained today, and have just wanted to sleep all day - not that the kids let me lol!

I'm outta here for now - my big ultrasound is on Wednesday and I am totally looking forward to seeing the baby!!!

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