Saturday, December 13, 2008


It seems that Ellie has learned a new trick... She has discovered that when someone compliments her on her dress and she simply says, "Thank you", the conversation is over. However, if she says, "Thank you! My mommy made it!" she gets a whole lot more oohing and ahhing out of them lol! At first I was a little flattered that she was bragging on me, but I knew something had to be up. That's just not like her ;o) Then it hit me - after she tells them that I made it, they have all kinds of comments and she can engage them in an all out conversation. What a little ham!

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Anne R said...

Kids - they sure know how to get attention last, don't they :)

btw - I e-mailed you the audio files, did you get them? If not, e-mail me at anne 75 at telia dot com (no spaces of course ;) )