Friday, March 13, 2009


Royanna Fritschmann had the most AMAZING deal going!!! Holy cow, she was selling her entire, massively huge, store for only $29, and Adron let me buy it. I spent a few days downloading every moment I was at the house, then went without internet for 4 days. My download links expired on Tuesday, and I was quite short on getting all the DLs. Thankfully, being the wonderful person she is, Royanna graciously granted another week of access. I can't tell you how excited I am about this :oD Unfortunately for me, the internet access we have isn't high speed, so the DLing is taking forever. I have to start as many as I can before I leave the house or go to bed, and it's pretty funny lol! But sooooooooooooooo worth it! I'm really hoping that I'll be able to finish before they run out. If I don't it's not for a lack of trying. She just has so many goodies! I've already acquired 26+ Gigs and still have lots to go. I printed out the order receipt so I could have a checklist, and I'm working on page 22 of 27. When I left the house on Friday, I was on page 17. 17 pages in 3 1/2 (partial) days, now 4 1/2 pages in the next 3 1/2 (full) days. I'm really trying!

So, I'm sitting at the computer, pretty much bored, wanting to scrap, but I'm not inspired at the moment. I want to go out and do things, but I'm too tired. I've been taking nice long naps whenever I can, but I'm still worn out. I want to just surf the web, but can't figure out what to do. How did I while away so many hours online before? I mean, I've caught up on pretty much all the blog reading I like to do, but don't want to add more to my list right now since I know I'll be a little out of commission here in a few weeks ;o) I am really not involved in many forums these days, just one scrapbooking site, and I managed to post over 200 times (mostly gallery comments) in 2 short days. I'm not feeling overly chatty right now, not that you can tell from my posts lol! I just don't feel like I have much to say. I kinda want to cook, but all my baking supplies are at the house, and I don't want to go dragging them across town for a whim that I may or may not get around to lol... I haven't made it as far as getting the transparency so I can work on Jonah's gown, and for whatever reason, it hasn't occurred to me to start on the whale embroidery until just now lol! I would just LOVE to catch up with some of my friends - we keep talking about getting together, but it hasn't happened. I swear I am just turning into a hermit these days, and while I'd really like to see people, I'm having a tough time getting motivated to get out and do something. My responsibilities outside the house are killing me right now, and I need to cut back, but can't. Thankfully school is over soon, and there's no way I can do PTA board again next year with 2 little ones at home, and big ones at 3 different schools. I love being involved with the smocking guild, but I'm constantly going and now dread going to those meetings that I loved so much!

'Nuff whining! Sorry about that... I really forget that anyone ever reads this blog - I post here for myself, and it actually makes me laugh to think that anyone might be interested in what I have to say! It all started at the urging of a designer I used to CT for, and I eventually left that poor, neglected blog behind. I don't think I had ANY readers over there, so starting this one just seemed better somehow. I didn't want to focus on digiscrapping, as that is just one small aspect of ME, so the natural choice for me was to just have a personal blog that I could post whatever I wanted, from rants to gushing praise, sewing, scrapping, cooking, and anything else that happened in my life. I have thought about reposting some digital kits I had created in the past, but a.)I'm not sure anyone would actually want them, and b.)well, I don't know that I really care to generate that kind of traffic here. I feel like my readers here are my friends (even the quiet lurker types lol), and I am welcoming you into my house. The feeling I have when my few freebies have been listed on Digifree or whatever, is of hundreds of strangers tramping through my house and I have no idea what's going on. I guess I kinda feel invaded? Not that I truly mind, but that's never what I had envisioned for my little corner of the web... PLEASE don't think that I don't want people to come by!!! It makes my day when I see that someone has stopped by my blog! It's just the massive onslaught that kinda makes me nervous a bit. I mean, I'm just *me*, nothing more, nothing less!

I do get a chuckle out of the Feedjit thing, though - the way most people happen upon my blog is so funny! Usually it's some random search for information regarding hermit crabs (I'm totally useless there!), but some of the queries are so funny! Then, there are a few sad ones. One was some question about if this guy could get a fat girl pg EEK! Ummmm that's sooooooo not right! Sure, I've talked about being fat, and the other, but what a random search result! Sometimes the search terms include the names of different digiscrapping or sewing designers that I've mentioned. Cool, but I'm not at all sure I can be of any use in that way! However, the searches I love the most, and they truly do warm my heart, are the ones where people are looking for instructions on sewing jumpers. Woohoo! Not that my tute is the best, but it's really cool that people stop in for that reason! Every time I see that, I hope that they somehow were able to get a better understanding of the technique, whether from my account, or from someone else's. I also love when someone leaves my blog through a link I've posted. That's a cool feeling!

Anyway, I guess all this is just to say thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to come see what's going on in my world. I feel so blessed by my visitors here, and I want you to know that it really touches and honors me that you are my imaginary friends (dude, I can TOTALLY see that phrase bringing in some random searches now!) LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!


creativechaos said...

I have been so busy lately hon! Things have gotten hectic as all get out!!! I haven't even had time to scrap! :( Bad Kymmie, I know! LOL

How's the house coming along? And congrats on picking up Royanna's entire store!!! Sheesh, what a deal, I wish I could...however...err... I just dropped the cash on a new camera! (See new blog post LOL I'm officially camera happy again and my 2 year old is a TOTAL ham! And dad's not exactly happy about it ROFLMAO It's been quite a night here. Yes it's 3:30 in the morning and I'm still up...I should go to bed huh?

Anyway, I'm alive and just wanted to say HI!

creativechaos said...

You are so bad for my pocketbook! LOL

creative.chaos said...

Yea, I picked up her store. I couldn't say no to 534 products for $29. I think it took something like 4+ hours to add all of her products to the cart. (I was up till after 2am cos I'm stubborn LOL) NOW I get the fun task of downlaoding! *GROANS* LOL