Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yeah, yeah...

I am SO aware that I'm a horrible blogger (but doesn't that make me a wonderful slacker???), but it's not personal, I promise!

Needless to say, life has been nothing short of crazy lately. It's not a "bad" kind of crazy, really, just a CRAZY kind of crazy lol! For example, this week is busy as anything for me. Greek class on Monday, smocking guild on Tuesday, Lenten lecture series on Wednesday, Thursday is Audrey's FOURTEENTH birthday so we are going out for dinner, and Friday, Ellie has cheerleading and Audrey has a band concert. Well, Greek class got cancelled due to Fr. V getting sick (please send prayers his way), and the band concert on Friday has been cancelled. Not the first time this crazy band instructor has changed things at the last minute, and it makes me downright insane! Granted, it makes my life a little easier, but then again, that might depend on when the *new* date is. Grrr. And to make matters slightly more complicated, the kids and I are joining our church on Saturday afternoon, and Noah, Audrey, and I have nothing to wear.

I had planned to sew things for all of us, but when my sewing machines decided to sit in puddles of water for a few days, that kinda put a kink in my plans. SO, Ellie's godmother offered to buy her a dress (thank you so much, Brianna!!!), and we found a sweet little dress for Madeline at Target, on clearance, no less. So it looks like a trip to the mall for the others of us, which is a total nightmare, IMNSHO... It will all work out, I'm sure, but I'm not sure when I'm going to have a chance to shop.

Oh, I do have some wonderful news, though!!! No, we aren't back in our house (hmmm... that 3 weeks he promised on the front end is over on Thursday, and they are soooo not anywhere near done), but we ARE in a really nice 3 bedroom apartment. It's in a nice part of town, is quite spacious, and I really like it. As of now, I'm quite pleased with the way our insurance company is treating us, even if the restoration company is on my short list. I've finally got internet here, after going without it from Friday morning until Monday afternoon! Woohoo! I did get a bit of scrapping done in the down time, but I was having horrible withdrawls lol ;o)

As for the house, I'm totally ticked at the guy that we are dealing with. He is incredibly nice, but I keep catching him in the DUMBEST lies! I am soooooo not getting that! Not even good lies, but just these stupid ones about things that don't even matter (or makes sense). The guy painting our rooms was supposed to have worked all weekend, but he had a sick kid. No problem - he's working to support his family, I would assume, and NOT having a family to give him an excuse to work. That's cool. But he seems to work 5-6 hour days, and I'm not seeing a whole lot of progress each day. I don't know - maybe my expectations are too high or something, but I got the whole house painted in 2 weeks when I was 7 months pg with Max, and I'm far from being a professional painter. The paint job looks fabulous, where it is finished, but at the rate he's working, I'm looking at another week of just painting. Then there is the drywall. That our guy told me they were going to start hanging TODAY. Yeah, that didn't happen, either. But I DO have my carpet picked out, and only wish I could have it in my living room, too lol! LOVE it!!!

I was really unhappy about the number of days our house sat without anyone working on it, so I called our contractor and left a voice mail. He never called me back, so a day and a half later, Adron called the project manager, who finally got our dude to call Adron. More lies were told by my (formerly well liked) guy, but work started getting done. I guess I'm just really frustrated because it's getting so close to my due date? Whatever the reason, I'm starting to really freak out, and I just wanna go HOME!!!

I started making a "church dress" for Jonah - can't stand not being able to create! It a beautiful raglan sleeve daygown pattern by Jeannie Baumeister, and I'm making it out of white "Fairy Batiste". I have created a Celtic cross design to do in shadow work embroidery at the hem, and a trinity knot for the top, then a border consisting of "vines" and leaves between more trinity knots. I am planning to embroider most of it in a pale blue and a slightly darker blue, with the leaves and vines in pale green. I started tracing the design, only to discover that the fabric isn't stable enough to trace with just starching it. I'm going to get a transparency sheet and starch the fabric to it, THEN try tracing. I'm ready to start on it! I also got a pretty blue dobbie fabric (1st fabric on the page) and am making another gown with the whale design on it (pictured on the pattern).

Gonna watch some tv with my hubby - we brought our DVR over here last night, so it's really starting to feel like home LOL! But, I'll leave you with a few LO's I've been working on :o) All credits can be found in my gallery at ESS.


Anne R said...

Gorgeous LO's! I think that first one is the first where hubby's seen? At least the first time I've seen him - it's not difficult seeing who's the daddy in that couch ;)

I'm glad the apartment is working for you - but of course you'd rather be at home! BOOOOOOOH for slow workers! :p
Lots of love!

Tonje said...

YOu've got beautiful lay outs...