Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dude, where's this month gone???

I've been crazy busy! And I thought May was my busy month lol! I've had a lot of stuff going on, both good and bad, but most importantly, Angela, my bff, had her 1st baby Tuesday night!!! I am so in love with that precious little girl - and will upload pics asap!

I've been sick for the past week. Went to a Zumba class last Saturday, in an attempt to take charge of my body, and came home and slept the rest of the day. Turns out I had a very, very bad throat infection that is still making me uncomfortable after 5 days on antibiotics. Granted it's WAY better than it was, but still very tender.

Our a/c went out and it took a week to get it fixed. Thankfully, we were able to go get a couple of window unit a/c's to get us through. The big one will go upstairs in my sewing room (we were going to have to buy one, anyway), and the little one cost less than it would have been for us to spend one night in a hotel room :o) All in all, a good deal!

I've made a bunch of new wool covers, and a few things for my yummy little Amelia, which I will post pictures of soon.

On the subject of diapering, have you seen the new Gro Baby diapers??? I SOOOOOOOOOOO need some of these! I have been trying to decide which one size diaper system I want to use for the boys, and I really fell in love with the idea of these during the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt last month! I had thought about using pockets, but this makes so much more sense to me - you buy a few of the outer shells, and more of the inserts and you're set. Check 'em out: Gro Baby Cloth Diapering System (or if that didn't work, for some reason, should).

Be back soon!

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