Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pics and more

I have been suffering from a SEVERE case of cloth diaper lust lol! I am craving some fluffy mail, and have been trying to figure out what cd'ing system I want to use. Noah has been in disposables since he was 6 weeks old (moisture broke his little bottom out!), and Jonah is my hybrid baby. He's mostly in cloth, but we use disposables at night and whenever my wool isn't clean. All of the PUL covers I have are worn out and are no longer waterproof. So, I've decided that it's time to get things under control, put Noah back in cloth (hoping it will motivate him to potty train), and have some great diapers for Jonah, too. I am planning to use one size diapers. They will fit both boys now, and once Jonah outgrows his itty bitty dipes, and Noah is potty trained, I'm not going to have to buy or make any mid-size diapers lol!

I love the look/idea of the Gro Baby, of course, but I just spotted some the other day that are waaaay cute - and affordable! Check 'em out at the Smartipants site. And even better, they are doing a giveaway on the Monkeytoes blog! Check that out, too :o)

Now for those pictures I've been threatening lol! Here are some beaded pacifier holders I made for Jonah and Amelia:

And here are a few little things I made for Amelia (and Angela lol!). I made a nursing cover and burp cloths, two little dresses, an appliqued onesie, knit some wool shorties to go with the dresses, and made a few little snuggle socks that I forgot to take pictures of ;o) Here they are:

And here's a lo I did of my favorite baby girl :D

Got more pics to upload - I'll be back soon!

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Jess said...

Oh my gosh you are so darn talented those are all beautiful!