Friday, June 13, 2008

How 'bout a little Noahawk?

Poor Noah has the thickest, most fabulous hair ever! But the poor little guy gets so hot, and those sweaty curls sticking to his head make me hot just looking at them! SO I determined that he really needed a haircut. I love the long, shaggy look in the cooler months, but I knew that it had to be short for this summer. Adron really seems to prefer that Noah's hair isn't terribly short, but I like him to look like a little boy, not some street urchin! At any rate, I took him to Dabbles in midtown for his new 'do, and I couldn't be more pleased! Those girls there are AMAZING! The last time I had Noah's hair cut there, Kayla did it, and I was totally amazed at how fast she managed to get him done. He didn't like it, but she was so quick, he hardly had time to complain. Yesterday, Mandy was his stylist, and I love her, too! I told her what I wanted, and was planning to take picutres while she worked, but Noah was totally freaking out. I wound up holding him while she cut, and another wonderful gal came over and talked to Noah in a Donald Duck voice, played games with him, and kept him not screaming while Mandy worked. There were several other people that came by and talked to Noah, too, and he seemed to be having a great time - other than the actual cutting part lol! Well, here is how he looked when she got done - I LOVE IT!!!

My incredibly gorgeous baby sister with her new haircut, too:

The duck is being held by the lady that played with Noah - I somehow managed to NOT catch her name! Ack!

I have been doing a few LOs, some of which I like, some I am just okay with. Here's one I did for the scraplift challenge at Snap & Scrap. The credits are HERE. I'm really happy with how this one turned out.

I guess that is about it for now - I'llbe back later with the recipe cards I have been working on :)

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