Monday, July 28, 2008

Back from Nationals

That was one whirlwind trip! We left here at 6 am on Friday, and got to the St. Louis Science Center around 11. It was so crowded! There were some neat exhibits there, but the way the museum was laid out, it was really hard to get to them. We had a great time there, but poor Noah was just not having it. We left and drove to the hotel where the girls were tomeet up with their coach,then went to Qdoba for lunch. YUM!!! After meeting with Coach Kim, we went back to our room, and wound up making a run to Panera Bread and ate dinner in the room.

Saturday morning, we ate breakfast at the hotel, then headed out to the arena. I got some pictures of the girls hanging out outside, but the competition pictures were so severely blurry that I didn't keep them, with the exception of one. Our girls did a good job, but we didn't place this time. I think the judges did a very good job, and the places were awarded very fairly. I wasn't nearly as happy with the judges at our regional and state competitons, and Adron insisted that it's because I am biased. I knew that wasn't the case lol! After watching all the teams do their routines this weekend, I think that the winners *were* truly the best. I'm afraid our girls somehow thought they could just kick back and relax this summer and they would be fine at nationals. Ah well, one of those life lessons we all have to learn at some point!

Madeline looking cute - I made the "mickey ears" that she is wearing lol!

After the competition, we headed back home. We stopped at Lambert's for dinner, which was fabulous, but certainly not Core! Then we went home, 38 hours after we left. I hate short trips like that when there is really no time for fun. I was hoping to go to Six Flags, but that didn't happen :o( Maybe we'll get to go one day soon...

I'll be back later with pictures of an outfit I made for Noah last week - I've got to get lunch for the kiddos and head to the grocery store!


missyballance said...

LOve your blog name and all your little kids are so dang cute! I love all that red hair! I'll be back :)

Sherry said...

Oh, these are cute photos! My 2 DD's did competitive cheer last year, but it got to be too much. Maybe again next year. Good luck with the FPD contest :)