Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just call me "Butter"...

Four days in a row! Wow, this is a total record for me lol! Of course, today is Angel's fault - she tagged me ;o) Thanks, girlie, you made my day!

So, here are 6 unimportant things about me...

1.) I love punk! I started listening to skater music when I was 13 (Suicidal Tendencies and Exploited), and now listen to all kinds of stuff, but punk is still my favorite. Blink 182 is one of my all-time favorite bands.

2.) Along the same lines, I love the rockabilly, psychopunk style, although I just can't figure out how to pull that look off. I am, however, plotting something along those lines to wear in the very near future....

3.) I am addicted to a few things. Gum, fabric, and digital scrapbooking. Not necessarily in that order though ;o)

4.) I am the VP of Membership for Madeline's school PTA, but I have only ever been to *2* PTA meetings my whole life! I went once when Audrey was in kindergarten or 1st grade, and then again the last meeting of this past school year. Mostly, I wasn't able to go because I was working evenings, and when I wasn't working, I homeschooled. This is my 1st year on the board.

5.) I totally hate having blue eyes! I have bought several different brands of brown contact lenses only to discover that my eyes are shaped oddly, and it looks really creepy with the color floating over part of my pupil...

6.) I'm not really a redhead. I swear I must have a dominant red hair gene (that just didn't show up), but my hair is naturally blonde. But since my skin is pasty white, and three of my four kids have red hair, everone assumes it's my natural color! LOL!

So there you have it. 6 totally insignificant things about me, yet they are so much of who I am! And in return, I am tagging

Stephanie (Bootz)

I'm working on a couple more recipe cards right now, and have a few of my favorite LOs that I am thinking about posting. Aw, shoot, I'll just go ahead and show you a couple of them! They aren't all brand new, but they are some of my very favorite LOs ever. Click on the LO to be taken to the credits.

I took this one of Ellie looking all grown up at the Children's Museum.

A Moment

Noah sure does love his sister! Actually, he likes to lie on all of us, and it cracks me up. He's a sweet little guy.

Brotherly Love

I'm particularly poroud of this one - I took this picture in my front yard this spring!


I just love this picture of Noah. I took it when he was pretty sick, and had lost 25% of his weight, which is why he looks so gaunt and has dark circles under his eyes. He looked so sweet and sad!

Sad Eyes

Audrey and Madeline were blowing bubbles, and they just seemed like they needed wings lol!

Did this one for a challenge, but I'm not sure if I like it or not...
Daddy's Little Man

I did this one for the same challenge as the one above - I like it better lol!

And here is a card I made for Adron for Valentine's Day :o)

That's enough for one day, I guess lol! I have a few more that I love and will put up eventually...


Stacey said...

Hi, I found your link on Angel's blog. I think we were both 'tagged' by her. lol Anyway I could not leave without telling you that I thought your artwork is just extraordinary! Really, really beautiful! I enjoyed visiting your blog!

Anonymous said...

Loved your 6 things! Thanks for playing along. :-) You are the first the person I've ever heard of who has blue eyes and doesn't like them. *LOL* I have blue eyes, too, and I like them, but find they are really sensitive to light so that is a big bummer.

I thought you were a natural red head, too! That is so hilarious!

Love all your scrapbook pages, too. They are beautiful! You've been a busy girl!