Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Finally, some pictures!

Well, Ellie was none too pleased with me for "making" her pose for pictures. No, she wasn't mad about me taking pictures of her, she was furious because I wouldn't let her get the mail! That is why she is giving me a frumpy look in the first picture - the 2nd was after we said hi to the mailman. I don't know what is going on with my camera,but the pics are looking really grainy and the color is off. I need to check the settings, preferrably *before* we go to the cheer competition this weekend!

Monday, Bootz came over and gave Noah a haircut. I felt so bad for him Saturday night at the football game. Within 5 minutes of being out there, his hair was wet! I almost feel like he's a shaggy dog lol! We gave him another mohawk - but this one actually qualifies as a mohawk, IMHO ;o) We LOVE it! Thank you, Stephanie!!!

Love the punk "snarl" he's got going on here!

Check out the curls! Aren't they sweet? LOL! I will be using a different product on his 'hawk - this was our first attempt and I used what had been working on his fauxhawk. Obviously, not the right choice...

I'm sewing today! Well, at least I think I am. I'm hoping to get the bows for nationals finished tonight. I only have to make 11, so it's not too bad at all. I can't wait to see 'em done - they are gonna be HUGE! LOL! If pompoms on pigtails and bad socks helped one team win, then I don't think big ol' sequin bows should hurt a thing! Don't get me wrong - the other team wasn't bad, I just don't like their choice of accessories ;o) Betcha they don't like ours, either!


Anonymous said...

Your kids are just darling! What a cute dress, so bright and summery! And I am loving the "faux-hawk." Too cute!

Hummie said...

You have such beautiful children and that dress is georgous. You must have a really good camera too!

Just wait until they've stood in front of your camera for years....they will start refusing to smile for you!