Monday, May 12, 2008

Here I am, rockin' like a hermit crab!

You've heard that song by the Scorpions - starts off something like "It's early morning, the sun comes out..."? Yeah, well I found out what the "real" lyrics are for the chorus!

"Here I am (dah-dah DAH DAH DAH) rockin' like a hermit crab (dah-dah DAH DAH DAH)
Here I am (dah-dah DAH DAH DAH) rockin' like a hermit crab!"

Dear, sweet Ellie, who will be 4 in July, was singing along while Adron was playing Guitar Hero on the Wii. I thought that I heard something about a hermit crab, and was rather confused until she explained it to me. I told her that I thought it was actually supposed to be "rock you like a hurricane", and she gave me the funniest look. I haven't laughed so hard in ages! I love it when the kids come up with random stuff like that!

So this is another attempt at a blog - one I hope to actually keep up with. Not a blog dedicated to scrapping, sewing, children, or any other one topic, but one that encompasses my whole life and all the things that make me "ME"! I know I will probably never be one to post daily, but my hope is that I will start to journal the daily events of my life and post them here several times a week. I will be sharing sewing projects, recipes, a little altered art and my digiscrapping, along with everything else I would like to remember.

To anyone who is reading this, thank you for taking the time out of your day to stop and read my ramblings! I hope you are able to take something from this blog to make your life just a little bit brighter :o)

P.S. I am very aware that I have a horrible tendency to overuse exclamation points, so if this bothers you, close your eyes and run for your life!!!

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