Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day weekend photos

You would think that they spent the whole weekend in the water, but they didn't lol!  These were just the best photos I got.  These were from the zoo party - I was playing with the depth of field settings on Paint Shop Pro - whatcha think?

Here are some pics from our trip to Nanny and Grandaddy's yesterday. Noah had a blast in his car floatie until he figured out how to climb out - EEK! So we put him in the arm floaties and stuck Ellie in the car as she, obviously, wasn't happy with the arm floaties. Unfortunately, the battery on my camera died before they switched, so I didn't get any pictures of that...

And this was about all I saw of Madeline the whole time she was in the pool lol!

Here are a couple of pictures from the zoo party - I was really tickled to get pictures of the kids on the very same rides I LOVED when I was a kid!!!

The boats - my favorite! At the end of the ride, Ellie and the little girl got off the boat and walked out holding hands ::awwwww:: She told me they were best friends lol!

I totally remember these carousel horses, too - that is one fast moving ride, too!!! It was all I could do to snap pictures as they came flying by - Adron and Noah were 2 horses behind the girls, and I had to catch them on seperate trips around eek! I rode it with them the 1st time, and Noah threw such a fit when we got off, so I had Adron ride with them the 2nd time.

I guess that is about it for today. I did weigh in today, and with all the trash I consumed this week, I was up 3 lbs. That was so depressing! But I am going to do better this week. Penny, our fearless leader, was reading an article out of Weight Watchers magazine that was discussing the connection between clutter and weight. I am more determined than ever to get my house decluttered and I know that my weight will follow! I know I can do it - I just have to get a handle on this emotional eating and total lack of discipline.

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