Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesdays are hard work

Well, today was just nonstop for me! I woke up to the kids fighting. Sighhhhhh.... Gotta love living with a 3 year old. While making my breakfast, I used the last of the yogurt I made Friday, so I had to start another batch. Not difficult at all, however, it is slightly time consuming to sterilize everything. So my thermometer is registering boiling water as being 160 degrees F.  Yeah, not even close!  So I snagged Adron's thermometer from his home brewing equipment, and went back to making my yogurt.  Then Noah went down for his morning nap - woohoo!  Next step was coloring my hair.  Got that started, then sat down to check my emails.  Got sidetracked by IMing with Rebekah, my middle sister.  Finished coloring my hair just before Noah woke up.  I got him dressed, and we hit the road.

Next step was stopping at Rite Aid to buy razors (great deal on Schick Quattro disposables there, btw lol!), and started talking to the cashier.  She was incredibly neat to talk to, and by the time I left, we had swapped numbers.  Then I headed over to my Weight Watchers meeting.  I was about 30 minutes early, and since Noah tends to get antsy if we sit still for too long, we walked down to Tuesday Morning and picked up an oven thermometer.  Walked back to WW, weighed in, and was up 2 lbs.  Ugh!  The kiddos did pretty well at the meeting today, so I rewarded them with the cookies I picked up at Rite Aid.  Came home and started cooking lunch (aka reheating leftovers).  Deb, my baby sister, joined us, and as soon as we got done eating, we went running errands.  

First stop was Hobby Lobby to pick up the door prize for my smocking guild meeting.  Found a cool needlework travel organizer and some pretty varigated floss.  Wandered through the store a bit more, then headed to Walgreens.  I got some amazing deals on a few things there, then we headed home.  I dropped off Deb and the kids, then ran back out to Schnucks to get something to make to take to the meeting tonight, as I had signed up for snacks.  I wound up grabbing some diet orange soda, SF orange Jello, FF Cool Whip, 2 bricks of Neufchatel cheese, a box of graham crackers, a box of those pretzel/crackers, a bag of semisweet chocolate chips, and a tub of ice cream.  I still wasn't entirely sure what I was taking to the meeting, but I knew I had options.

I got back home and started making pizza, our every Tuesday night dinner.  This week was BBQ turkey pizza - YUM!  Then I melted the chocolate chips while I mixed up peanut butter, confectioners sugar, graham cracker crumbs, and melted butter, then pressed it into a 13x9.  Poured the melted chocolate on the top, and stuck it in the freezer to chill before I left.  I also had Madeline help me mix a packet of onion soup mix into the Neufchatel, and when it was blended, I rolled it into a ball and covered it with chopped walnuts.  Then I wrapped it in plastic wrap and stuck it in the freezer, too, to firm it up.  About then, the pizza was done, so we sat down and wolfed it so I could hurry up and leave for my meeting.  Well, but the time I finally got out the door I was running a little behind.  Then I had to call and get Madeline to bring out the crackers I left inside.    I headed off, and 3 houses down, realized that I had forgotten the darn door prize!  Ack!  So I ran in, wrapped it, and ran right back out.  Got to the meeting safely, and sat down to enjoy it.

First order of business was a program on silk ribbon embroidery.  Then we had a nice long business meeting where it was established that our guild's bylaws had been misplaced some years ago, and we needed some direction.  So I volunteered to help out on the bylaw committee...  Then we finally got to the snacks, and the cheeseball was a particular hit!  Yeah!  I took the Anna ripoffs I made last week and showed those in the sew and show portion of the meeting.  

Once I got home, I nursed Noah and put him in bed.  Then I got on here ready to post, but my dumb router was acting ugly!  Grrrrr!  So I had Adron fix it while I got our obligatory Tuesday night ice cream.  I enjoyed that while I started typing, and now I think I'm ready for bed lol!  

Hmmmmmmm.....  I have no idea why I'm so tired......

The plan tomorrow is to get the house straightened up, drop off my crockpot at Madeline's school, and get some sewing done.  Oh, and I have a bit of scrapping that needs to be done by Thursday night, too.  That sounds strangely like a slow day - wouldn't that be nice!!!

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