Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Like my new header?

I acquired "Beep Beep Bugs" by Lorie Davison on NSD, and have been wanting to use it.  Last night, I was playing with my blog template and it hit me that it would make the most adorable header!  I love how it turned out - all nice and summery.

I've been busy decluttering today.  My hard drives, that is!  I really took to heart what was said yesterday at my Weight Watchers meeting about clutter being linked to being overweight.  I have decided that I have way too much digital scrapbooking stuff and some of it has to go.  I kinda wish it was like the paper stuff and I could give it away, but digi just ain't the same LOL ;o)  Then again, if I were to give my clutter to others, I would be creating clutter in their homes, right?  So, I am going through all the kits on my external drive right now and I am deleting things I know I will never use.  I've only been digiscrapping for a year now, but the gigs of space that stuff is taking up is insane!  There are lots of freebies I have downloaded, especially when I first started, that are just mediocre quality, or worse, in some cases!  Then there are other kits that are fine on the quality scale, but they just aren't my style.  I am so spoiled and PICKY when it comes to what I like to use!  The bows and ribbons are my biggest issue, I think.  I really hate bows that aren't photo realistic.  So, I am getting rid of all the papers and elements that don't meet my needs, and I'm just keeping the pieces that I can use, along with the designers' TOUs.  I'm storing alphas in one folder, papers in another, and elements in yet another.  Templates have their own folder as do all the zillions of QPs and albums I've collected.  It's all fairly well organized onmy hard drive, but there is just too much.  After I go through all the kits, I'm going to use the same process to whittle down the contents of all the other folders.  Baby steps are the key - it took me a year to get 'em all, and I won't be able to sort everything in a day or two!

As for actual housework, I did make a little headway today lol!  I baked 8 dozen Flourless Breakfast Cookies this morning, mixed up a lime vanilla frozen yogurt recipe, and did all my laundry.  The fro-yo should go in the ice cream freezer tomorrow after I get ice for it.  I can't wait - it sounds so yummy!  I'll let you know how it turns out :o)  

Tomorrow I am planning to make some muffins and some more breakfast cookies, with a different recipe, and I would like to get a little sewing done, too.  I am almost done with the dress I have been working on for Ellie, and Noah needs some new shorts. Bless his little heart - he is so skinny that the 6 and 12 month shorts would fit - except for him being so tall!  They just don't fit thru the rise...  Ah well, it's a good thing that I can sew, right?  I love making the little pull on pants that come below the knee.  They are so sweet and so little boy, yet very practical as they give him grow room, too.  

Time to get back to work - and to watching Lost Boys!  Man, I LOVE that movie!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Cute pictures from over the weekend!
Oh, the Depth of field you did looks great, really makes the picture pop!