Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day 3 of Sewing Room Clean-up

I'm tired - not much of a post now, but here's what I've accomplished since the last post. I emptied out the china cabinet and put my diaper sewing supplies in it. Here is the china cabinet in all its glory.

I salvaged some more bolts from Hancocks (they really look at me funny when I go in asking for the empty bolts. "You mean the cardboards? How many? Really??? Well, you can sure have them - we just throw them away." Every time.), wrapped up more fabric, but still need about another 30-40 more. Sheesh! Every time I think I'm getting somewhere, I find more fabric lol! On the left, I have the purple french terry I mentioned yesterday, a couple of misc fabrics, suedecloth, minkee, fleece, sherpa, my amazing vintage floral, a sheer, some corduroy, a lovely navy and tan plaid silk suiting, and a cotton print.

I also piled some more on top - minkee and fleece, plus some knits and wovens in the back, then more knits up front. Yesterday, Ellie went "shopping" in my sewing room and was pointing out all the fabrics she loves lol! Thankfully, it is most of them ;o) You see the white velour with the pink floral print? That is another PRR that I'm really thinking about using to make a hooded cape for Ellie - but I'm not sure there's enough. The white with red hearts is destined to be another Olivia with short sleeves, black long sleeves, hood, and pocket. Cute with black leggings ;o)

I also wrapped smaller pieces on the comic book boards, and here's what I've got so far.

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Anne R said...

I cannot believe the amount of stash you have! Can I come shopping? :)