Monday, October 27, 2008

Spring, errr, FALL Cleaning!

I went upstairs this morning to sew. I, as usual, unlocked the door and was completely overwhelmed by how messy my craft room is! There are just paths from the door to the sewing machine, and from the sewing machine to the ironing board. There is so much stuff on the floor that I have to kick things out of my way just to iron! I can't even get to my paper crafting area at all! It's a horrific mess, and I can't stand it!!!!! I learned a while back that all that mess totally saps my creativity, and I've made a couple of valiant attempts at cleaning it up. Then, after an afternoon or two devoted totally to the sewing room, I give up and put it off again. Now that I'm feeling the 2nd trimester, I am bound and determined to clean it up, once and for all. This is where you, my wonderful blog friends, come in :o) I need you to hold me accountable for making steady progress on the room. I have already committed to not sewing anything until I get it under control, but that plan has (clearly) failed me in the past LOL!

So far today, I have managed to throw out a large box of random pattern pieces, a kitchen garbage bag of scraps (the unusable kind), pattern tracings, and other assorted junk, along with a broken baby gate and another small (grocery) bag of junk. Hmmmm - I really should take a picture of what I'm throwing out, just to document my progress! I have pics of the mess from the past, but I'm not posting those! I am not one to be embarrassed, but this mess is so out of control that I can't bring myself to show it. Hmmmm - maybe I will post before and after pictures when I'm done? That might be entertaining...

Right now, I have a bunch of great ideas for organizing the room on a budget, but I'm really hurting for storage space. I've got a good sized china cabinet that I need to empty out and that might be usable. It's a really old one, and has no glass - just wood doors. I think I like that! Right now, it is full of cheap picture frames, some glassware, my grandmother's journals, and other random junk. I know that I haven't used anything in it at least since we moved here, if not before. We bought this house in March '03 - if I haven't touched it in 5 years, something needs to be done with it! I'm really not sure it would be a good place to store my fabric, as the wood would probably damage it, but I think I can make it work for my notions, patterns, yarn, and who knows what else! I have a bunch of empty bolts that I've gotten from the fabric store, and I've worked on putting my large pieces of fabric on them. Right now, there are quite a few done and standing neatly against the wall in 2 different places, but there is a ton of fabric that still needs to be done. I've been putting the smaller (less than 2 yds.) pieces on comic book boards, and that is really nice. I started that a couple years ago, but am still a long way from done. On a side note, while trying to find the link showing how to fold the fabric, I ran across this link on sewing room organiziation! Holy cow! I am a fan!!! Not that I am really going to follow all the suggestions there, but it's great inspiration!

My chicken pot pies are done, and I'm going to get back to organizing after I eat :o) Did you know that 1 Banquet chicken pot pie contains 850 mg sodium - 35% of your USRDA!!! Ack!!!!!!

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