Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm a genius...!

So I totally forgot to post pics of my finished gnomes jonjon! I took pics of Noah in it 2 weeks ago, but forgot to upload the pics until today! I really like how it turned out - I still need to finish the one that I was talking about being nearly done - A MONTH AGO!!! Argh! I'm such a bum these days! Noah is so proud of being able to wink, but I was having a hard time snapping a pic as fast as he did it. The little scrunchy faces he was making are just so sweet though :o)

Strange - these pics are pretty blurry/grainy, too. I'm so gonna have to figure out what I'm doing wrong! Maybe I'm just trying to take pics too early in the day - ya know, before I am really awake lol...

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