Sunday, October 12, 2008


I've finally gotten something finished! I completed Ellie's Anna dress - and we love it! I am having a lot of issues with it slipping around on her, though. I think the corduroy doesn't have enoug friction with the lining fabric, and it made me nutty all day. I have, however, devised a solution. As I made this one to be worn only one way, I am going to add snaps to the sides. If I wanted it to be able to be worn both ways, this wouldn't be as practical, but it'll work on this one. It's really making me rethink my plans for more corduroy Annas for this fall :o( I also have been having issues with getting a good picture of it - has being pregnant made me forget how to get clear pics? Or is it just that the lighting outside today was wrong? I took some more pics tonight, but had to retake them several times just to get a non-fuzzy shot of the front of the dress...

I've really been going back and forth as to what type of content I want to put in this blog. My faith is incredibly important to me, but I know that I have stopped reading some blogs when the owner went bananas and was talking WAY too much about religion. Then again, those were supposed to be "crafting" blogs of different sorts, and the religion being touted was not even close to mine. One, actually, I stopped reading because they were bashing several religions, and different Christian denominations, which is absolutely uncalled for, in my opinion. I also take issue with people spouting political stuff that doesn't really fit in with the rest of the blog. However, as this is my personal blog, not intended to be professional in any way, I think the rules are a little different. I'm still not going to post political views, as I feel that is a very foolish reason to run people off, and I like my friends here in blog land ;o) Since faith is such an integral part of my life, I feel I would be doing *myself* a disservice by not talking about it when it applies to what's going on in my life. I will say that I am in no way judging people whose beliefs are different from mine, and that I'm very happy to know what my friends believe! I think that sharing only strengthens everyone, and allows ME to be educated on things I know very little about.

So, anyway, I've been going to a study group at my church and it has really challenged and inspired me! Most of it is WAAAAAYYYYYY over my head, but this past week we were studying St. Maximos the Confessor, and there was a quote on the sheet that really struck me. Unfortunately, I can't find the handout from that night, and I can't seem to find the quote online, either. I guess I'm left with the option to summarize what impressed me so much. I doubt if it will come across as intensely as it struck me, but here goes.

Basically, St. Maximos said that if your *truly* love God, you won't worry about what other people are doing, you will focus on Him alone, and not be involved in anyone's business. No judging others, no worrying about what they do. That really, really hit me because I always get so caught up in what everone else has going on. Worrying about how other people are harming themselves, but refusing to work on what I should be doing. It hit me like a ton of bricks when I realized that I obviously do not love God the way I thought. I feel like such a foolish child, and am determined to work on this. I want to be one of those people that has nothing unkind to say about anyone. I want to let go of the foolishness that I've been involved in and embrace this new way of looking at things.

I had an opportunity to do something like that this week, and I was so comforted when I was able to give my worries over to God. Without going into it, there was a major mishap, and I no longer have any newborn girl clothes, so if this is a girl, I could be in a bind. Then it hit me that God has provided for every one of my children so far, and how dare I assume that He won't be able to do so for this one! While I'm a little sad that there may have been some "special" clothes in there, I am totally in awe of how He turned my attitude around and allowed me to be thankful for the opportunity. If you never give Him a chance to show what He can do, then it's easy to be haughty and arrogant, thinking you can take care of yourself! I am so blessed that I've had these clothes to use for my girls, and I know that I will have exactly what I need for this sweet little blessing. I had way too many clothes, anyway - more than enough for 3-4 children to use at the same time! Thousands of dollars of high-end clothes, nearly all of them hand me downs or gifts, and a few that I've made. It is actually a relief, in a way, to know that I don't have to find room to store so many clothes. Besides, this may not be a girl, anyway ;o) Don't get me wrong - I was incredibly sad at first, but as I prayed, I was given a beautiful peace that can not have been from anything I did. Funny how one teeny tiny baby step in the right direction feels like such a milestone!


Dana N said...

I came from the Farbstudiotantrum group to see pictures of your Anna--which is absolutely adorable by the way--and got such a blessing from the rest of the post!! Thanks for sharing what you learned in Bible study. I would so live to live that way! And I can so relate to you feeling like that baby step was a real milestone. I feel that way too when I allow God to teach me something--even a little something--and it is an awesome experience. God bless you!

Susan @ MadebyMommainPA.Blogspot.Com said...

This dress is FABULOUS!!

BTW I'm giving away a book on my blog that has farbenmix patterns-Sew Clothes Kids Love. If you don't already have it you should enter:)It has low entries right now(as in none ha)