Tuesday, January 20, 2009

As promised, a few pictures.

Not a whole lot going on here right now. I started Greek class last night, and am really excited to be learning another language! I've dabbled in Spanish, and played a little with ASL, but haven't had an actual language lesson since I quit school in '94. I'm hoping I'm not too old to "get it" LOL! The teacher is a retired Greek Orthodox priest, and is just amazing! He is so funny and sweet and lovable, and I think there couldn't be a better teacher for this kind of class. He said that he doesn't "teach" so much as he just shares what he's learned in his 83 years here :o) And his goal is to make the weekly lessons a relaxing and enjoyable hour. No pressure! Now, that is my kind of class!!!

It snowed a little this morning - a real treat for us southerners lol! Ellie was so excited and Noah caught the enthusiasm very quickly. It was actually snowing big, fat snowflakes when Ellie dragged me out of bed, but by the time we found a way to bundle the kids up a bit, the snow had all but stopped. Thankfully, the ground is cold enough that a light dusting stayed, and Ellie wanted to make snow angels ROFLOL! I told her that this wasn't good snow for that, so she resigned herself to making "snowballs". Noah, on the other hand, didn't want anything to do with it. He finally got brave and leaned over to touch the snow, and freaked out about having "dirt" on his hands lol! I told him it was just ice, and he calmed down enough to start tramping through the yard. It was all fun and games till he splatted... I think we were outside for a grand total of 5 minutes, but it was enough to suit him lol! Ellie wasn't as amused about going in, but she's finally stopped buzzing around the house (thank goodness!), and is playing rather quietly with her dishes. I have discovered that the kids fight less and are generally quieter when they don't watch tv all day. It's been a nice couple of weeks since I figured that out lol! Anyway, here are a few snow pictures. Noah actually owns a coat, but we couldn't find it, and neither he nor Ellie has a hat. Ellie has gloves, but we couldn't find Noah's mittens. I felt like a horrible mom for sending them out like this, until they came back in so quickly lol!

It started off so well...

"Ummm... Not too sure about having this stuff on my hands mom...." He is trying to shake off the "dirt".

I finally explained that it wasn't dirt, it was ice. He decided to (gingerly) step out into it, while Ellie was making a "snowball" lol

He thought he'd try again - I mean, Ellie was having so much fun...

Yeah, he still didn't like it lol!

Poor Ellie - soooooo determined to make that snowball.

Ahhh... the play structure! That oughtta be fun!

Hmmm, nope, not gonna slide today. There is too much "dirt" here.

Uh oh. It was inevitable, but after about 5 minutes outside, Noah finally splatted.

Yeah. Shocker here, right? LOL! He was screaming that he wanted to call his daddy!

Oh, and here's the dress I wound up making for our friend's little girl :)


Anne R said...

Oh the sweet little things! They should've been here today - LOTS of white stuff coming from above this morning :) And then it melted on the roads and such (thankfully) but there's still some left in the grass and on the roadside.

We had a blast yesterday too - out in the "slopes" trying out the bob sleighs H's friends got for Christmas. That is, until they all got wet in the behinds and mittens, and thus got cold. Nothing a hot bath can't solve! :)

Love the dress, btw - H would've used the sweater part of it all the time! (Practical enough, with a pair of jeans under ;) )

Anonymous said...

How exciting to get to play in the snow! Too cute! I'd gladly ship you some of ours if I could. It just keeps coming and coming...


missyballance said...

I see that cute lil red head you were talking about! Oh... yes... she needs a card! You should make her one! I used marvey punches, but you don't need punches, just trace circles and use scalloped sheers! :)