Friday, January 2, 2009

Some random observations and a commentary on friends :o)

Have you ever felt so incredibly loved and accepted that you just wanted to cry? I mean, not by your "significant other" or anything, but by someone who totally doesn't *have to* love you? I can't explain the feeling, but there is the most amazing family at my church, and they have totally taken us in and treat us like long time friends, or even family! I don't know why, I have no clue where this all came from, but I do know it is completely providential. I met this couple the first time I went to this church, back at the beginning of July. They were walking in at the same time we were so, I asked where to go and they told us to follow them :o) Nothing major, but really sweet! I followed them in, then slipped into the back pew totally unsure of what I was supposed to be doing, but knowing that was where I was supposed to be. Not the back pew in particular, silly, the church lol! Anyway, from that point on, every time I saw them, they were so friendly! We totally don't blend in at all there - most everyone has dark hair, and we are pale redheads lol! I knew it would be a pretty closed group, but quickly discovered that this is the warmest, most accepting bunch of people I've ever met. I was so happy to be wrong!

A couple months later, I was at a festival, and this same couple's GORGEOUS 20-something daughter came up and introduced herself to us! What??? I mean, really? I was totally floored that she took the time to come over to where I was (the festival was at another church entirely), and then go out of her way to make us feel welcome =D I dunno. I've never seen anything like this before! As the weeks have gone by, we've gotten to know them better, and I think I'm starting to forget what life was like before we met them LOL! Noah fell in love with the gentleman, and whenever he sees him, he goes running and squealing "My Bob!" Not that his name is Bob, but whatever, right? Their daughter has taken Audrey out, just to let Audrey have a break from normal life. Ellie is in love with her and they have (almost) matching hair - they both have gorgeous curls :o) Madeline started sitting in the choir with Noah's Bob, and is having a great time. Ellie and I have moved from the back of the church to sit with his amazing, beautiful, and sweet wife. I've never felt like I belonged somewhere like I do here! This precious couple has even agreed to be Jonah's godparents - what a blessing! Last night, we were over at their house just hanging out for a while, and on the way home, I was totally overwhelmed by the amount of love they have shown us. Granted, I'm more emotional when I'm pregnant, but I think I'd be just as touched even if I wasn't pg lol!

I've always felt like an outsider, the odd one out, the black sheep, or even invisible. It's something I've grown used to, and had accepted as my place in life. I stopped fighting it years ago, and had resigned myself to sitting in corners, being by myself, and the inevitable hurt it would bring when I ran into someone I'd talked to for hours at some function, only to discover later that they had no idea who I was and didn't remember the conversation. Sighhhh.... This has only been going on since I was 16, or at least that's when I became aware of it. That's not to say I don't have plenty of amazing friends, just that strangers don't usually notice me. Heck, for that matter, I'm utterly amazed that ANYONE ever reads this blog LOL! Even my own husband doesn't. As far as I know, he's been here once? I'm really ok with that lol - I don't think I put anything here that I wouldn't tell him in the first place, right?

So, I saw a girl in the grocery store parking lot a couple of weeks ago, and I loved the carrier she was using for her little one. I asked about it, and she said it was a Babyhawk. Sweet - I checked it out, and MAN! I'm totally in love with their designs, and hope to be able to save up the money to get one someday. They are freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!! Go check 'em out - they have a fabulous collection of fabrics to choose from, making it really tough for me to decide what I actually want. I *want* about 10 different fabrics, or 5 reversible carriers ;o) I have determined that until I can save up that money, I'm going to make another mei tai style carrier to tide me over. I ordered fabrics from this amazing shop on etsy, and am going to make myself a reversible carrier. Granted, it won't be any Babyhawk lol, but if it's comfy and I LOVE the fabrics, that should work for now. I bought some of the Alexander Henry Calaveras fabric, which I've been wanting for AGES, and I also got some of his Bascha Spice fabric that I had seen on the Babyhawk site. I'm hoping they go together, colorwise anyway, not that it matters - they aren't going to be seen together lol! I figured that as much as I love the calaveras, it probably wouldn't quite be appropriate for wearing to church, so I have to do something "presentable", too. I could make 2 carriers, I suppose, but when I have 7 different slings in the car, Adron starts to get a little upset. Not that there are carriers in there, but that the van is messy, so bless him, he takes it upon himself to clean it out. Unfortunately, about half the time, he brings all the slings and such inside, and I don't realize it till I'm out somewhere and need one. So, I'm thinking that one carrier that can pull double duty might be a good idea... LOL I am just picturing me showing up with 5 kids, Ellie in some smocked dress, Noah in a jonjon and knee socks, the baby in a daygown, and me wearing a carrier with brightly colored skulls on it. Talk about rocking the boat! Somehow it just seems WRONG! ROFLOL! Not that I'm ashamed of my affinity for all things punk, just that there's a time and place for it, and I don't think Sunday morning at our church is it! The nosering, however, has never come out for church - only for work.

Oooooooh! Just got some yummy mail! My fabrics came in and are perfect together! Oh wow!!!! I just ordered them on Monday and they are here already. I totally recommend Lucky Kareu's shop!!!!! And she's got a ton of fabulous Japanese import fabrics that are screaming my name!

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Anne R said...

I just wanted to say that I do read your blog - a lot more than I comment (or even answer personal e-mails... sorry about that). Thank goodness there's such a thing as an RSS-feed - I always open my e-mail when I sit down to do some studying, and then I get to read what's happened on the blogs I REALLY want to be updated on.

Cool that you found new FRIENDS in 2008 - I did too, but I don't think my co-students are as friendly as your family :)