Saturday, January 3, 2009

I sewed!

LOL Like that's something new.... But really, I feel like I've accomplished something. I smocked the little area on Noah's romper last night, and today I sewed myself a brand new pink tee shirt and a black floral knit maternity skirt. They *kinda* go together, but I am thinking this skirt needs a slightly more fitted top. Hmmmmm.... I wonder if I have any fabric that would work with it? I bought 1 1/2 yards each of black interlock and pink interlock, but after washing, they lost about 8". Ugh. Barely enough to get the pink tee and the neck binding! So, I determined that the black would be great for the maternity panel, and there's enough left over to make something for one of the little ones. Works for me ;o) The best part of buying the knit was finding out that it was 20% off the original $9/yd., and then it washed up nice and thick.

Unfortunately, I've not been feeling quite up to par, so I didn't get to bake any cookies that I need for gifts for tomorrow afternoon. I guess I'll hafta bust tail to get home after church so I can start cooking. I'm also making a Cracker Barrel Hashbrown Casserole clone to take with me, per my baby sister's request. I went to the grocery store this afternoon, and spent forever walking around trying to find stuff. Peanut butter, for whatever inexplicable reason, is now on the cereal aisle. I couldn't find where they were hiding the beef broth or the seasoning mixes, either, and had to ask for help. Grrrrrr! I've shopped at this store plenty of times, but I guess it's been a couple of months since I was at this particular location. The signs don't clearly describe what is on each aisle, making it even more difficult. And to make a great trip better, they were out of hashbrowns!!! Ack! Ah well, I can run up to the grocery store that is closer to home anyway, and they should have hashbrowns - and I know where they are lol!

Ah - stupid comments time! So I was in line at Costco, just buying butter and pork tenderloin. Butter there is $7 for 4 lbs., but at the grocery store it is about $3-4 for 1 lb. Totally a rockin' deal at Costco! I usually don't go through a whole lot of butter. 1 lb. quite often will last for a couple of months. Anyway, there was an older guy in front of me who seemed to be quite a control freak. I was getting a giggle out of his refusal to put his (heavy?) rotisserie chicken on the belt, and then his insistance on rearranging the little divider bars to "make sure" he didn't get skipped over. The employees, unknowingly, kept undoing what he had done to make things more orderly. He was starting to turn a bit red, so I made a comment about how they must think he REALLY wanted to take home my tenderloin and butter lol! Jerk turns around, looks me up and down and says, "I'm not paying for YOUR butter." Okay then, whatever, that wasn't at all what I was implying. THEN he went on to say, "You must watch a lot of Paula Dean." I told him that clearly wasn't possible as I had no idea who she was (ooooh I so lied! But that woman totally disturbs me!!!). He just had this disgusted snarl on his face and made some comment about her using a lot of butter on everything. Uh, yeah. For whatever ungodly reason I don't know, I felt the need to explain that I was making shortbread cookies as gifts for my family Christmas celebration that is tomorrow. Sheesh - why did I even bother? Like I care what he thinks? Sure, I'm a big girl, and I am quite aware of that, but there's no reason to make judgements about people's purchases! For real, that is a 6 month supply of butter for us, barring any extreme baking. Some people!

Today's been good though, despite stupid people and rearranged grocery stores =D Audrey is home!!!!!! I hate it when she's gone - I miss her sooooo much!!! Yeah, sure, she can be difficult, but for the most part, we get along well. She's a great kid, and is so much fun to be around! I love her bright personality, that beautiful smile, her sparkling blue eyes, and that impish look she gets in them when she's up to something. I love talking to her, and hearing her views on life, as she's honestly a fairly mature 13 year old. Granted, she's had to learn a lot of things the hard way, but she seems to be a quick study and has a good measure of common sense when it comes to relationships. Yeah, I know, she's 13, and it might go away, but I'm enjoying it for now. I LOVE having a teenager, and am so blessed that she's such a great young woman! Sure, there are times that I'm ready to choke her, but if we got along all the time, something would be wrong lol! She really has a hard time when she spends more than a weekend at her dad's. It seems like she gets along with him fairly well, but not so much with her step mom. I really hate that for her! I know that she and her dad's wife could have a really special relationship, but it just isn't happening, and it's been 10 years. Audrey said she feels like an extra person, not a part of the family. I have to wonder why she feels that way. I know kids are good at manipulating, and that she very likely goes there with a bad attitude and is difficult to live with (nah, she wouldn't have EVER done that to us LOL!). It still makes me sad. I wish she liked her step mom better, but I can't make her, right? I know that there is a lot Audrey could learn from her, if Audrey didn't fight it so hard. Sighhhh.... I still just want to hug her when she tells me that she didn't enjoy her visit. Needless to say, I am thrilled she is back home!!!!

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