Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jonah is 9 days old!

Do you know what that means??? It means he has outlived Max, and that's a load of stress off of me!!! Woohooo! Those small "victories" feel so wonderful ;o)

Jonah is such a sweet little guy, and is doing quite well. I feel slightly guilty about scheduling him to be born so early - he just seems a little "under done". I don't really know how to explain it, other than he just seems a bit younger than the rest of them did when they were first born. Not really in a bad way, just kind of interesting, I suppose. He is amazingly calm and snuggly, which is a refreshing change from the others, too lol!

I was commenting that I wasn't nearly as engorged as I had been with the other kids, and Adron started laughing and said it was because Jonah nurses all night long... I had no idea! He said that this morning he thought Jonah was snuggling just a bit too close, and he wanted to make sure he could breathe, so he moved him. Of course, he realized that there was quite a good reason for the closeness when he heard the slurping sound as Jonah was pulled off my breast lol! Had I been awake, I would have had a FIT! I'm sure it's the reason that nipple is tender today, too. LOL! Oh well, nothing better than a kid that knows how to keep himself happy and full, huh!

Yesterday, he found his thumb <3 It was just the sweetest thing - I've worked very hard to make sure none of my kids were thumb suckers, but it's still sweet to look at :o) I had tried giving hm Soothie pacifiers, but they were causing a problem with nursing. I think they are too hard, relative to my breasts, and caused nipple confusion. I pulled out the Mam they gave us at the hospital, and it seems to be ok. It's softer and flatter, more like the real thing, I guess. He doesn't like it as much as the Soothie, but I'm hoping that maybe next week, after nursing is better established, we can switch back. Anyway, here's a couple pictures I took last night:


Christa said...

He is so adorable! Happy 9 day birthday little one. My three all sucked on our pinkies until we gave them the paci when they got about 2 weeks old. I liked the soothie, but couldn't really convince Landon it was what he needed. ;-)

Anonymous said...

He is beautiful! Congradulations!

creative.chaos said...

He is just adorable hon! Ryder found his thumb around 3 months and despite always pulling it out as soon as he started sucking it, he still does when he's tired or in a new situation. :| Good luck keeping Jonah away from it. :) But dang hon, he is SUCH a gorgeous lil baby!!!!

Anne R said...

Congrats to getting over the 9 days! :)

H used to use me as a pacifier at night too - but I was slightly aware, at least enough to change the breast she was sucking on every once in a while... ;)

He's such a cutie - can I come borrow him a little? <3

Megan B said...

Me thinks this one might get a LITTLE spoiled.... and that's ok :)