Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Life is good

I'm sooooooo enjoying this sweet little thing ;o) Jonah is just the best baby, and has been so easy so far! He's a good eater, sleeps very well, and just loves to be snuggled, but is generally quite content to be left alone, as well. He seems to particularly like being swaddled, so long as I don't fold his legs up lol! And he prefers to have his hands by his face, but is okay with them being by his sides. He's having some major issues with reflux, but the swaddling seems to help that a little. Not a lot, granted, but maybe his moving around makes the reflux worse? Poor little thing eats very well, but is loosing about half of each feeding, so we are spending a whole lot of time nursing. It could be SO much worse! I'm actually loving this, even if it means that I can't get *anything* done these days.

Poor little Noah is being really good with him, but I can tell he needs a litte extra attention. He's really not the jealous type, but he doesn't get why I'm not holding him so much. I think he kinda misses me, and is a little ticked about it. Instead of being a mommy's boy, whenever things aren't going his way, he starts yelling about wanting his daddy. Yeah, I feel bad about that...

Oh, at Jonah's 2 week checkup, he was up to 7 lbs, 4 oz! The doctor was quite happy with that - seems he was just wanting him to regain his birth weight by then, and Jonah surpassed it by 4 oz! Little piggy ;o) And he already has "man hands" lol! His fingers are long, like my other children, but his fingers are thick. I'm not sure what that's all about, but it's cute. And he just *loves* having his little head rubbed... He'll stop eating just for that lol! And his sweet little head feels like a peach, so soft and fuzzy <3

Ah, this little guy just melts my heart!

Oooooh! (My favorite of the faces he makes)


This is a wonderful swaddle wrap - it's just perfect for Jonah! He doesn't seem too impressed with snuggle socks, and he's too long for blankets. This is a nice happy medium, I just wish it wasn't brown... Shows every last bit of spit up that comes it's way.

I think I'm going to do some reverse engineering and make about 3 more of these. It would be so much easier to just buy them, and they aren't expensive at all ($12, I think), but I love variety, and have some cute knits that would be just perfect!


Bonnie said...

Catherine..your little guy is so sweet! I love the photos and facial expressions! you are doing a great job being a mom to all your kids-keep up the great work! I am sure you must be super mom!

Megan B said...

Such adorable little expressions! He still has that lanky newborn face and I LOVE it! Kisses to him from me! And hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

He is just precious. Its not hard to see why you are totally in love with him. :-)